Established in 2009

In the winter of 2009, after years of working up the ladder of the construction industry, from helper to foreman, Peter Pereira aka Master P felt it was time to strike out and start building the type of family business that would allow him and his brother to leave a legacy of excellence to their children and a feeling of empowerment to their clients. His expertise and passion was in the electrical trade and that is where he chose to bring residential and commercial customers in the Greater Washington DC area better options for their electrical need. With the support of his fantastic project manager, Cathy, Capital American Power clients benefit from a team of experts that understand that being of service is the only good reason to be in business. Our clients are listened to, supported with knowledge and technical expertise to make their own decisions without pressure. At the end of the day, the only thing that matter is the evidence of a job well done and a customer totally satisfied.

Peter obtained his Master Electrician license in 2010 after 20 years of experiential learning in the construction field. His work ethics was influenced by many years observing his father mediate disputes as a judge, his uncles spending hours bringing to life architects designs in plaster and the many good and bad supervisors he has worked with and under over the years. Peter has hung many a chandelier in northern Virginia's restaurants and building lobbies. He is called Master P for his incredible creativity and relentless drive for quality work. He takes pride every now and then in pointing to a building he has work on to his wife and his son. Above everything, Peter finds himself fortunate to have really loyal customers and life long relationship with general contractors and small business owners in the area. 

Our Team

  • Peter Pereira

    • Master Electrician Owner

  • Cathy Wague

    • Manager Partner

  • Papa Samba Ane

    • Office Administrator

  • Harold Salinas

    • Operations Manager

  • Erick Pereira

    • Field Superintendent

  • Wender R Velasquez

    • Field Superintendent

  • Raul Melara

    • Field Foreman

  • Luis Linares

    • Field Mechanic

  • Juan Vara

    • Field Mechanic

  • Jose R Benavides

    • Field Mechanic

  • Henry Martinez

    • Field Mechanic

  • Jose Escobar

    • Field Mechanic

  • William Moreyra

    • Field Mechanic

Our Partners



  • Unifour Tech
  • Diverse Pursuit Management LLC
  • Load King
  • Crixus Construction
  • Brackenridge Construction
  • Battino Contracting Solutions
  • Beantown Construction
  • SC3
  • Corbel Construction

Business Development and Marketing

Office and Administrative