As part of Capital American Power (CAP) LLC’s commitment to the local community, in February 2016 CAP LLC began an exciting new partnership with the Centreville Labor Resource Center (CLRC) to host a series of skills-building workshops. The day labor center approached CAP LLC, asking them to use their expertise to help elevate the electrical skill levels of the workers. This allows the workers to be more effective in assisting those clients seeking their services. Co-owners Cathy and Peter Pereira were enthusiastic to set up the series of six weekly workshops.

Erick and Peter, brothers and Master Electricians team taught the classes, using their complementary teaching styles to make the classes interactive and provide students with hands-on instruction. They also speak Spanish, so the workers were able to benefit from instruction in their native language.

Attendance varied from week to week, with one week finding Erick and Peter with a large class of 17 students. Since there could be a brand new group of students each Friday, the instructors often needed to repeat concepts. The format also challenged the instructors to differentiate learning.

Peter Pereira, owner, says “It was a pleasure to share my skills with the students. I’m very pleased that we could contribute to increasing the pool of skilled electrical workers in Northern Virginia.”